February 6, 2016

Squity has passed through customs and the container she was in will be processed for individual shipping throughout the weekend. I should have my shipping invoice by Tuesday and as soon as I pay it, my shipment will be on it’s way to me.
Unfortunately, there is no way that shipment is going to make it from LA to western PA in two days so no Squirtys for KatsuCon and Oddmall next weekend. *BUT* for those that pre-ordered I should still be able to ship her before the end of the month!

January 24, 2016

I know a lot of you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ms. Squirty. She is *very* close to being here! She is set to arrive at the port in Los Angeles on January 30. Now, she still has to pass through customs, the container that she’s in has to be sorted, and THEN she’ll be ready to ship to me.
With the last batch (of 2000) this took a MONTH. I don’t know if it’ll go any faster since this order is only 500. Anyway, I’m *hoping* that I’ll have her in hand and ready to ship by the end of February.

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