April 18, 2016

I’m officially in crazy con season now!  I just got back from my best EVER Steel City con and will be gearing up for Oddmall and Grove of Gaia soon.

Grove of Gaia – April 30 – Unitarian Universalist Church of North Hills – 2359 W Ingomar Rd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237
- I will have a small sampling of all of my work at this show.

Oddmall – April 30 – May 1 John S. Knight Center – Akron, OH
- My hubby will be running the table for me on Saturday, but I’ll be there Sunday.  I will have only My Little Demon merch. at this show.

For anyone who has been collecting the My Little Demon Plush, please be aware that I only have 25 Inky Poo left!  Once I am down to the last 5, their price will go from $25 to $50 each and will come with a signed tag!

February 6, 2016

Squity has passed through customs and the container she was in will be processed for individual shipping throughout the weekend. I should have my shipping invoice by Tuesday and as soon as I pay it, my shipment will be on it’s way to me.
Unfortunately, there is no way that shipment is going to make it from LA to western PA in two days so no Squirtys for KatsuCon and Oddmall next weekend. *BUT* for those that pre-ordered I should still be able to ship her before the end of the month!

Tervis Cups
Latest Painting: Tervis Cups

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