Arnau de Villanova

WoD Urban Legends
White Wolf
8″ x 10″
Prismacolor Markers, Colored Pencils, & White Charcoal

From my description:
The Immortal Alchemist has a mystic use for fresh human kidneys that extend his life. He’s 700 years old. From the story:
“This guy is maybe sixty years old. His brittle-looking gray hair is tied back in a ponytail and his delicate beard is fashioned to a careful point. Little spectacles cling to his liver-spotted nose. His face has a youthful quality, though: quick to smile or frown, reacting eagerly to whatever he hears. His old-man ears have grown to frame his face. When we talks, he reveals the kind of mesmerizing Spanish accent that you might associate with a cartoon Don Juan, but with none of the sleaze. Everything about his demeanor says “academic,” though he has the gentle manner of a man from a more polite time.”

Keywords: horror, kidney, eternal life, world of darkness

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Arnau de Villanova

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