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CCP North America / White Wolf, Inc.

WoD: Innocents


8.25″ x 17.25″

Marker, white charcoal and graphite on watercolor paper

From my description: “‘Jackie slammed the door shut and threw the deadbolt, the chain-lock and then went to get a kitchen chair to prop under the doorhandle. When she was done, she turned back to the rest of the group.

Vali was crying, clinging to Mark like a life preserver. Neither one of them seemed hurt, though. Catie was a different matter. She sat, cross legged on the kitchen floor, with her head in her hands. A steady drip of blood fell to the linoleum, creating a small, but vivid, pool.’

the kids have just ran into the house and have bolted the door in a panic….like something was chasing them and they just made it to the house, but they don’t want it to come in. The main thing is that despite the two kids that are crying and freaking out…and the one who is bleeding…Jackie is calm and collected…aka
she has her shit together.”

This is probably my favorite out of all of the ones I did for Innocents. My daughter was having a sleep over when I was working on these. Her, my son, and her two friends were happy to help be my “models” for most of the Innocents illustrations.

Keywords: wod, world of darkness, children, suspense, horror

Composure WOD

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