Daniel Montgomery (Sewer Gator)

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WoD Urban Legends
White Wolf
8″ x 10″
Prismacolor Markers, Colored Pencils, & White Charcoal

The original is matted and framed

From my description:
He’s the leader of the cultists. He had the “Riverside Look,” which means he’s turning into a sewer gator. From the text:
This African American man has a shaved head and powerful features. His eyes are black, as if the pupils have expanded to fill the irises. Patches of skin on his head and bare arms look rough, and he scratches at them with short fingers. He wears a black tank top and cargo pants.
Daniel is afflicted with the Riverside Look, but Sabek’s influence has not claimed him completely — some instinctual part of the incarnation, or of the nameless entity that spawned it, recognizes that Daniel helps it and its children survive.

Keywords: horror, world of darkness

Daniel Montgomery (Sewer Gator)

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