Great Curse

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CCP North America/ White Wolf, Inc.

Monte Cook’s The World of Darkness


8.5″ x 14″

Marker & colored pencil on watercolor paper

From my description: “

The illo depicts a downtown street at rush hour under the effects of the great curse. According to the text:

“You bend fate to produce a strange and chaotic outcome such as a rain of frogs, animals going berserk, clouds of swarming insects, and so on. All creatures in the area are shaken and the disturbance caused by the creatures makes it difficult to act.”

So, everyone is thrown into chaos as frogs fall from the sky; some of them turn into locusts when they hit the ground and fly off. Bricks randomly float from buildings, and glass bulges strangely. Off to one side stands the mage responsible: a young Asian American guy with a spiked goatee and spiky hair. His arms are crossed and a satisfied smile is on his face as he watches the chaos.”

Great Curse

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