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CCP North America/ White Wolf, Inc.

Monte Cook’s The World of Darkness


8.5″ x 14″

Marker & colored pencils on watercolor paper

From my description: “

We’re in a basement. A poor schmuck is about to take an axe in the head from an invisible creature.

The schmuck is a middle-aged man with a graying beard and shortish hair. He’s dressed in boxer shorts and a tank top (he just got out of bed). He holds an old shotgun in his hand. He’s out in his garage, which is like a workshop: there’s a desk, and shelves, and woodworking tools all over. He has just spun around fearfully, and is looking at a broken window on the wall. (The invisible creature behind him just threw a brick through it.)

Behind the schmuck is an invisible person. We can’t see him, but we can see his footprints in the dust as he creeps up behind the schmuck. A wood axe seems to float in the air, ready to crash down and split open the schmuck’s skull. (The invisible person is wielding the axe, of course.)”

I actually used my two car detached garage as my reference for this…slightly modified, of course.  Now, whenever I go to this particular corner of the garage I get the creeps…good thing we don’t own an axe…


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