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CCP North America / White Wolf, Inc.

WoD : Innocents


8.25″ x 17.25″

Marker, white charcoal, and graphite on watercolor paper

From my description: “For this one, I’d like to see a young girl sort of holed up in a closet.
The only light is coming from the door which is slightly opened. She has a terrified and bewildered look on her face…sort of like Newt in Aliens. She should be sort of dirty and maybe have some abrasions on her
face and hands.”

My daughter, again, posed for this one. She’s actually huddled in her closet holding onto her Collie Webkinz. You’d think she’d be afraid of her closet after this one. Nope, not my kid. Then again, I suppose she’s used to it after seeing what I draw all day.