Abathakathi – The Witch Ape

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WoD / Changing Breeds

White Wolf, Inc.


8″ x 10″

Prismacolor Markers, Graphite, White Charcoal

From the Manuscript: ” Far from human society, the umthakathi cares little for the conventions of human dress. The clothes she wore when she fled quickly become a patchwork of torn cloth, bloodstains, bone and woven plant fiber. Her hair becomes a matted nest of fleas and other insects, and she paints her skin with gray mud to disguise its natural tone. She prefers to wander the forest in her primal form, which often takes the shape of a mandrill.

Her War-Form is a terrifying mixture of the Primal form and human guise. From afar, she gives the impression of an unusually tall man, but aside from her human eyes, her face is that of a mandrill: a long red stripe of nose flanked by blue flesh, and below it, a maw of saber-like incisors.”

Keywords: World of Darkness, were-mandrill, weremandrill, baboon, medicine woman, monkey, primate, magic, magick

Abathakathi – The Witch Ape

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