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White Wolf, Inc.


14″ x 17″

Prismacolor Markers, Graphite, White Charcoal

From the manuscript: “Male or female, Alces share affinities for the elements, fertility and the spirit world. Their massive crests reflect the trees that reach to the sky and the lightning that reaches toward earth. Impressively huge, these ferals prefer the wilderness, but sometimes venture in toward rural settlements to keep an eye on Man. Very rarely, an Alce braves the concrete wilderness of an inner city; even there, his majestic statue recalls his supposedly divine origins.

In War-Beast form, this beast displays his lineage to the Horned God. Growing to either feet or more in height, the beast bulks up to monumental proportions. Unlike many other Wind Runners, this beast remains bipedal but bristles with muscles and fur. Both male and female Elken-volk sprout tremendous antlers in the War-Beast shape, and these horns crackle with tiny bolts of lightning across their surfaces. All impressions of thoughtfulness depart from the Alce’s face in this form. All that remains are menace and immanent attack.”

Yes, I know it looks as if he’s missing his…uh…manhood, but I didn’t really think giving him a big ‘ol dick would be allowed for the illustration, thus the tuft of fur. I am planning on revamping the sketch, so those of you who prefer your Horned Gods to be well-hung, will have your wish. =0)

Original SOLD

Keywords: cernunnos,pagan,satyr,were-elk,wereelk,wiccan,world of darkness, nude, male


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