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WoD / Changing Breeds

White Wolf, Inc.


8″ x 10″

Prismacolor Markers, Graphite, White Charcoal

From the Manuscript: “The chosen of Bubastis may come from any culture. Perhaps the restless souls of cats or priests from those bygone days are reborn in their skins. All Bubasti, though, are painfully thin and share a weirdly feral beauty. In the modern world, this look earns them spots of honor in the worlds of high fashion, club-hopping and mass celebriculture. The exotic cast of their features plus their exquisite thinness and temperamental ways make these folk irresistible. Although some Bubasti crave solitude, others flash their concealed claws for paparazzi and fashionistas as they pass.

The Hungry Ghosts have no War-Beast form as such. Instead, they become nightmarish cat-people. The same sharp features and luminous eyes define their feline heads. Dangerously thin and eerily compelling, these graceful fiends favor the robes of old Egypt if they wear anything at all.”


Keywords: World of Darkness, cat, bast, bastet, egyptian, were-cat, werecat, scarab, tattoo, tattoos


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  1. masonna on October 18th, 2007 at 12:16 am wrote:

    wtf is that thing? looks scary but cool xx masonna

  2. Tia-Bon on January 15th, 2010 at 12:31 pm wrote:

    AAHH!! ^_^