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WoD / Changing Breeds

White Wolf, Inc.


8″ x 10″

Prismacolor Markers, Graphite, White Charcoal

From the manuscript: “Excellently proportioned, usually muscular and fit, these Equestri favor an Indian or Semitic cast to their skin and features. Those related to the Arabian horse most often have the dark, curly hair and olive skin of the Middle-East, though occasionally their hair color ranges lighter than that of most Semitic people.


The War-Beast form of the Uchchaihshravas harkens back to the Greek myths of the half-human, half-horse creatures called centaurs. As he transforms, the Equestria’s head and torso rise to almost eight feet in height; meanwhile, below his waist, a stranger transformation takes place as his lower back and legs lengthen horizontally and a second pair of hoofed legs jut out directly beneath the torso. While the War-Beast form retains both its animal instinct and its human intelligence, the creature’s mind becomes hyper-alert. In this form, the Sharp-Ears can attack with his hooves as well as weapons held in his human hands, making him an impressive opponent for almost any adversary.”

Third Place – Best Monochromatic – Origins 2008

Original: SOLD!!

Keywords: centaur, horse, male, nude, sagittarius, white wolf, world of darkness


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