Formal Apology

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Feb. 2011

AEG – L5R – Second City

6″ x 9″ Oil on gessoed watercolor paper

Original: SOLD

From my description: “A Phoenix samurai looks horrified as he knocks over a cup at a tea ceremony. The Crane geisha performing the ceremony ignores the faux pas completely. If possible, reference the image for
Unfortunate Incident”.

Yes, this is the image that I created for Formal Apology.  Why it was cropped to just the lower right hand corner, I don’t know.

Now, I have to mention that the unfortunate incident (Franken Pinkie) that I had a year after painting Unfortunate Incident caused me to have a minor panic attack when saw that I had to revisit that card.  This time however, I did NOT use my own hand for the reference. Franken Pinkie today.

Keywords: phoenix, shugenja, crane, geisha, tea, l5r, legend of the five rings, clan

Formal Apology

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