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VTES / Lords of the Night

White Wolf


5 1/8″ x 6 3/4″

Oil on gessoed watercolor paper

Original: SOLD

From my description:

An Indian man in his early 50s with pale skin (almost white) with red markings, like tattoos, on his arms. He dresses in ceremonial white robes.[C] Ravnos

I was thrilled when I got this description. I’m a huge fan of the website ModBlog which is a Body Modification blog. Through this blog I became a fan of scarification. I desperately wanted to do Ganesh’s red markings as freshly cut scarification. As my AD pointed out, with Vampires healing the way they do, he’d have to recut himself every night. So, his markings were done prior to his becoming a Vampire, thus the healed scars.

Keywords: vampire the eternal struggle, jyhad


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