Lynn Thompson

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CCP International / White Wolf, Inc.

VTES: Keepers of Tradition


Oil on gessoed watercolor paper

From my description: “Lynne dresses in bright colors and keeps her hair long and streaked with highlights that she keeps back with a headband. She wears pastel-tinted glasses and bangly wristbands, and generally looks like she could fit in at either a modern rave or Woodstock with equal comfort, mixing and matching elements of each style freely.”

Hmmmm, let’s see…tattoos? Check. Piercings? Check. Stretched Lobes? Check. Yup, another one I had a field day painting. Yea White Wolf, for giving me really fun descriptions!

Keywords: brujah, deckbacker, deckbackers, goth, mods, piercing, piercings, tattoo, Tattoos, vampire the eternal struggle

Lynn Thompson

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  1. VampFan on September 11th, 2008 at 8:17 am wrote:

    Wow! This piece shows a lot of progression on your part! Loving every detail on this! Great job! I’m very much looking forward to the next V:tES expansion because of your pieces!