Shiba Ikku

L5R / Samurai Edition


6″ x 8″

Oil on gessoed watercolor paper

From my description:

This is a male bodyguard of the phoenix clan. He is a bodyguard of a
shugenja. Arm him with a katana, as he is also a duelist. Shiba tend to
wear the ligher forms of samurai armor (smaller armor pieces, so we see
more of the clothing under the armor). Their helmets aren’t as large as
full helmets, but they lack nothing in decoration or elegance – often
using bright feathers on their helmets (either drapped down on one side
or standing tall from the front, like a red and orange peacock tail at
the front of the helmet, above the forehead).

Keywords: sword, legend of the five rings, weapon

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Shiba Ikku

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