Guardian of Virulence

January 2010

AEG – Thunderstone – Thornwood Seige

6″ x 8″ Oil on Gessoed watercolor paper

From my description: “Monster. Humanoid. This druid is all about embodying the connection
to nature, and nature’s power. Of course, “nature” happens to include
tornadoes, earthquakes, swamps where thinks sink into the mire and
drown, animals and plants with toxins that kill on contact within
minutes (or faster) – and that’s just counting the real world. This
druid knows you haven’t been recycling, and everything about the
druid makes it clear that you are about to be compost.”

Keywords: witch, druid, mage, wizard, sorceress, magic, magick, swamp, snake, snakes, water

Purchase 4" x 6" Open Edition Print for $5.00

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Purchase Open Edition 11" x 14" Archival Matte Print for $25.00

Guardian of Virulence

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