Unfortunate Incident

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L5R / Samurai Edition


6″ x 8″

Oil on gessoed watercolor paper

From my description:

This is a close up: In the frame we see a highly decorated japanese tea
cup which has fallen onto a low tea table and spilled it’s contents.
Above the cup we see the hand which dropped the cup, and it’s positioned
as if the person to whom it belongs is in a panic.
Background – this is an important tea ceremony with important people.
Tea ceremonies were very ceremonial and perfection was expected. To
spill the cup is a HUGE breach of etiquette, one that could end a career
or even a life. This person just dropped his or her tea – from only an
inch or two above the table, so the cup is intact but the tea should
have formed a pool on the beautiful wooden table top. We don’t see much
beyond the tea cup, the spill, and the hand (and maybe a little of the
sleeve above the hand).

Unfortunate Incident

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