Unicorn Steaks

January 2011

AEG – Thunderstone – Thornwood Seige

6″ x 8″ Oil on gessoed watercolor paper

From my description: “Item. Magic. Food. This is some sort of food – berries, provisions,
unicorn meat, or something else one eats – which provides strength
and enhanced prowess in battle to whoever eats it.”

I think I had just received my “Unicorn Steak House” shirt from shirt.woot.com that gave me the idea for this one.  I added the Mandrakes as they’re usually associated with Magick.  One of the mandrakes sports a “Mom” tattoo because I like to add weird little things like that to my paintings.

keywords: steak, meat, mandrake, unicorn, unicorns, dinner, platter, food, grilled

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Unicorn Steaks

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