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CCP International / White Wolf, Inc.

VTES: Keepers of Tradition


Oil on gessoed watercolor paper

6″ x 8″

From my description: “Unmada appears as an ancient Brahmin, a holy man from India. A devotee of the mortification of the flesh, his body is punctured with hundreds of metal wires, wooden barbs and bone hooks. He carries a pointed wooden staff with him that he uses when he walks.”

I giggled like a small child and clapped my hands when I got this description (which was actually a last minute addition to my schedule). Like with Ganesh, I have a fascination with body mods, so of course I had a field day painting this fella. When I was working on his stomach, I looked at my sketch and thought, nah…he doesn’t have NEARLY enough barbs in him. So, the painting shows him with even more than the sketch shows.

Keywords: malkavian, deckbacker, deckbackers, mods, piercing, piercings, vampire the eternal struggle, vampires


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