Very soon, I am going to be shutting down this website. *ALL* Artwork can now be found on mylittledemon.com! I no longer sell anything here or on Etsy!
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“Can I get a tattoo of one of the Demons?”

~ Yes, but I do have a few stipulations.  1) Purchase either an 8 x 10 or an 11 x 14 print of the art that you would like to have tattooed.  I would rather your artist have official artwork to work from rather than something crappy off of the internet.  2) Send me a link to your Artist’s portfolio so that I may approve them.  I really don’t want you to have a shitty tattoo and I don’t want to have a bad representation of my work on someone’s body.  At the current time, only JerZy Milner is 100% approved.  3)  Please send me a photo of the final healed tattoo!