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Very soon, I am going to be shutting down this website.  If you would like to purchase any of my gaming or personal artwork, please go to my ETSY STORE .
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Here is my tentative list of shows that I will be attending in 2017. Anything in *BOLD* is already paid for and I am 100% attending. Everything else is just what I would like to attend! Check back frequently for updates!! If there are any shows that you would like to see me attend, please let me know!

*UPDATED 3/30/17*

*April 7-9 – Steel City Con* – I’ll have my two usual tables on the end of Row Q in Artist Alley

*Aug. 11-13 – Steel City Con* – My usual spot at the end of Row Q.
*August 17-20: Gen Con* – I’ll have an Exhibitor’s Booth
*Sept. 1-4: DragonCon* – I’ll have an Exhibitor’s Booth
*Oct. 7 – Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day

*Oct. 14-15 – Oddmall, Toledo* – I have spaces 160 & 170
*Nov. 3-5 – Neko Con* – I will once again be in Artist Alley
Nov. 9-12 – Con on the Cob – I’ll be running the Art Show again this year.
Dec. ??? – Steel City Con

If you would like me to either attend or mail in to a show, feel free to contact me/send info to my email:


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