2018 Calendar Pre Order

*PLEASE NOTE*  This is a PRE-ORDER!  I would like to have 250 Calendars produced, but I need to pre-sell 65 calendars in order to fund production.  Those who pre-order will get their calendars for $15!  After the calendar is funded, the calendar will be for sale at the regular price of $20 each.

I am *hoping* to have these funded by June 5 so that I may have them in time for Origins but will leave the pre-sale up until June 18.  If the calendar still isn’t funded in that time, I will refund all payments.

33/65 Sold

Features of the 2018 My Little Demon Calendar: It’s the End of the World as We Know It:

The calendar is 11″  x 17″ (when opened) and is printed on 100# glossy paper.

Each month features a different Demon:

December ’17 – 10 Years of Demony Goodness!  The main image features ALL 62 Demons that have been created.

January – Fhtagn Fluff w/ stormy ocean background

February – Neverlasting Love w/ Bleeding heart flower background

March – Cookie Cutter w/ cookie cutter background

April – Lil’ Sin Blossom w/ bloody bubbles background

May – Mourning Wood w/ wood grain background

June – Trans Ginger w/ Transgender flag background

July – Arch Anemone w/ sparkling water background

August – Bitch Stitches w/ cross stitch fabric background

September – Caffiend w/ coffee bean background

October - Zombie Unicorn w/ creepy glowy eye background

November – Jive Turkey w/ festive rainbow background

December – Turds N Whey (it is the END of the calendar after all!) w/ curds background.

Holidays include those from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia as well as Pagan, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim.

Purchase Pre-Order 2018 MLD Calendar for $15.00

2018 Calendar Pre Order