Apple Munchin Spike

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From the cover of the *NEW* My Little Demon coloring book!


Spike and dismembered Apple Jack were done in Prismacolor markers, colored pencils, and ink on Arches HP watercolor paper.  The background was done in oils and everything was put together in Photoshop.

This image shows Spike chowing down on one of Apple Jack’s legs.  C’mon…why else is a dragon going to hang out with ponies??!!

All of the images from the new coloring book cover were initially inspired by the dice bag that I created for the Gen Con Charity Auction in Aug. 2010.

What can I say…..I’m a vintage pony collector and really don’t much care for the new ponies.

**Please note** The 8″ x 10″ print is slightly different than what is shown due to the dimensions of the print.

Spike and Apple Jack are © Hasbro

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Apple Munchin Spike

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