Frostbite Plush

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~ Frostbite’s horn meausures 1.5″ tall.  Her Booty Mark is a snowflake comprised of frostbitten fingers

~ Limited Edition to 500 of each and once they’re gone, they’re GONE!!

~ Each plushie measures approximately, 8.5″  from the tips of their noses to their cute little butts.

~ Bodies made of super soft Minky with manes, tails and feet “feathers” made with plush long pile fur.

~ Eyes, mouths, nostrils, and Booty Marks are all embroidered.

~ Each plushie has a My Little Demon tag on it’s left ear with the logo on the front and the name of the Demon on the back.

~ Conforms to all toy safety regulations

If you purchase the full set of plush (One each of Cupcake Chaos, Electro Cutie, Frostbite, and Sin Blossom, you save $10!)

Wholesale orders available. Please contact Heather at for details and pricing.

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Frostbite Plush

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