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11″ x 14″ Prismacolor Markers, colored pencils, ink and white charcoal on Arches HP watercolor paper.

Original: SOLD

Obviously,  I’m not just a MLP collector, I’m a fan of the new FiM show.  For this piece, I wanted to do my version of what Spike, Rarity, and their kids would look like in the future.  I’m sure my L5R background inspired me as well, but I always thought that Spike should look like an Eastern dragon.  Plus, that would also explain his love of mustaches!

I also wanted this to be a kind of origins story as to where the Demons may have originated from.  I think when you have two magical creatures such as dragons and unicorn procreating you’re going to end up with some pretty crazy offspring!

Keywords: my little demon, dragon, dragons, unicorn, unicorns, drony, dronies, spike, rarity, my little pony, MLP, FiM, friendship is magic


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  1. Shelby on May 3rd, 2013 at 9:13 pm wrote:

    Aww! I am a big fan of the FiM show and this is so adorable! My boyfriend brought me home a 3rd gen piece from you and I am coming to the next commicon we go to. Hope to see more FiM stuff! :D Great job!