Inky Poo Plushie

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Oct. 4 2017 – August 2017 was my last month at the gallery ZaPow in Asheville, NC.  When they sent my work back, they actually had THREE Inky Poos!  These will be offered up as rewards during the Spring ’18 Kickstarter.

*5/24/16*  INKY POO IS NOW SOLD OUT!!!

~ Limited Edition to 750 of each and once they’re gone, they’re GONE!!

~ Each plushie measures approximately, 7″  from the tops of their heads to their cute little butts (10.5″  to the ends of the tentacles!).

~ Bodies made of super soft Minky with manes  made with plush long pile fur.

~ Eyes, mouths, nostrils, and Booty Marks are all embroidered.

~ Each plushie has a My Little Demon tag on it’s left ear with the logo on the front and the name of the Demon on the back.

~ Conforms to all toy safety regulations

Wholesale orders available. Please contact Heather at for details and pricing.

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Inky Poo Plushie

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