Jive Turkey 11 x 14

May 2017
8.5 x 11 Prismacolor Markers, colored pencils, and ink on Arches Hot Press watercolor paper.

I had the idea for a 70s inspired, afroed, giant platform hooved Demon eons ago, but I couldn’t think of a damn name for it!  One of my friends created a custom MLP with a hand turkey on its butt and “Jive Turkey” popped in my brain!

*ONLY*  T-shirts and 11 x 14 prints will have the special Purple Passion and Solid Gold deluxe border on them!

11 x 14 Prints are Limited Edition to 250 of each design!

keywords: demon, boy, stallion, unicorn, afro, fro, 70s, disco, hand turkey, pimp, pimpin

Purchase 11 x 14 Purple Passion Jive Turkey Matte LE Print for $30.00

Purchase 11x 14 Solid Gold Jive Turkey Matte LE Print for $30.00

Jive Turkey 11 x 14

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