MLD Valentines

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My Little Demon Valentine’s

Set of 30 Valentine’s comes with 5 each of Corpsey Puff, Leper Belle, Magma Blaze, Loony Eclipse, and Cuddle Pus.  Valentine’s also come with 30 heart stickers.

Each Valentine measures 2.5″ x 4.25″


Corpsey Puff: Valentine, You have a death grip on my heart!
Loony Eclipse: I’m over the moon for you, Valentine!
Cuddle Pus: I wanna cuddle with you Valentine!
Magma Blaze: Valentine, you make my heart burn!
Ember Bane: Valentine, my heart smolders for you!
Leper Belle: Valentine, you’ve caught my eye, and my heart!

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MLD Valentines

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