Tervis Cups

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Tervis cups are NOW CLOSED for orders!!


What is a Tervis Cup?  It is an insulated heavy plastic travel cup that keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold that is even Dishwasher safe  I have three in my personal collection and use them every morning with my coffee!

In lieu of a Kickstarter I am going to be offering custom Tervis cups for sale 2-3 times/year so that I may put in a large batch order and hopefully sell enough to order some for me to sell at shows. You may choose your lid color, cup size, and what Demon image you’d like for your cup!


~ (1 ) 16 oz. cup – $35, (2) 16 oz. cups – $65

~ (1) 24 oz. cup – $40, (2) 24 oz. cups – $75

~ One of each size – $70

~ Want more quantities? Please email me at heather@shamansoulstudios.com and I will send you an invoice.

About the Sale:
~ Each sale will run for one full month. The order will be put in the first week following the sale.  Cups *should* be ready to ship (to me)  two weeks after putting in the order.  Cups will be shipped to customers the week after I receive them.

~ Cups will be shipped via USPS Priority within the United States and First Class for international orders.

~ I will NOT order cups without payment.  If you ask me to send you an invoice and it is not paid by the last day of the month, I will not put in your order.

~ Choose your lid color! (See photo on right)

Top Row, L-R: Fuchsia, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow
2nd Row, L-R: White, Purple, Blue, Neon Yellow
3rd Row, L-R: Pink, Hunter Green, Navy, Red
4th Row, L-R: Turquoise, Black, Frost, Brown
Bottom Row: Neon Pink, Royal Purple

~ Choose your Demon, 56 to choose from! Go HERE to see the designs.

Choose from: Arch Anemone, Autopsy Turvy, Bitch Stitches, Breezy Lesion, Cookie Cutter, Corpsey Puff, Corpsey Puff 2, Cuddle Pus, Cupcake Chaos, Demon de Los Muertos, Electro Cutie, Ember Bane, Fhtagn Fluff, Frostbite, Inky Poo, Krampus & Slay Belle,  Leper Belle 2, Lil’ Breezy Lesion, Lil’ Corpsey Puff, Lil’ Frostbite, Lil’ Inky Poo, Lil’ Magma Blaze, Lil’ Satana, Lil’ Sin Blossom, Loony Eclipse, Luciferia, Magma Blaze, Minty Mayhem, Merlushious, Neverlasting Love, O’Hurley, Pokey Poof, Satana, Satana 2, Shroomie Swirl, Silver Suicide, Sin Blossom, Sinister Crystal, Sparkle Plague, Squirty Pie, Toxic Popsicle, Turds N Whey, Twinkle Pox, Velvet Decay, Voodoo Vixen, Wang LoHung, Wicked Glitter, Wretched Rainbow, Zombie Unicorn, Demons of the Apocalypse, Conquest, War, Famine, Death, and Hades!

SORRY! Tervis will *NOT* print Mourning Wood or Porny Delight



Within the United States:

16 oz cup : $8

24 oz – any quantity of 2: $13

Canada: All cups: $16

Worldwide: $23

*PLEASE NOTE* It is highly possible that my website will not charge you the correct shipping.  If you are overcharged, you WILL receive a refund of the difference.  If you are undercharged, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance.

When ordering, there *SHOULD* be a “gift message” section through Paypal.  This is where you will put what Demon you want as well as your lid color.  If this section does not appear, simply send me an email with your preferences.  I will message you back to confirm.

Tervis Cups

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