Wang LoHung

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11″ x 14″

Prismacolor markers, colored pencils, white charcoal, and ink on Arches HP watercolor paper.

Ah Jan. 31, 2014 !  The start of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse.  To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I wanted to create something a little different than the norm.  One would think that I would create a magnificent horsey Demon, but NO, I chose to go a more asian route!

My creation is a Qilin, or chinese unicorn.  However, his Booty Mark does say “horse” in Chinese.  As his name suggests, he is indeed “lohung” but I chose to be *very* subtle about it, look closely.

Keywords: demon, horse, wang, dong, penis, asian, chinese, horse, dragon, unicorn, new year

Wang LoHung

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