Phoenix Rising

11″ x 14″

Prismacolor markers, acrylic

Original: SOLD

Prints are hand signed and numbered Limited Edition of 100

Keywords: vampire, dark, evil, souls, tattoo, pierced

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Purchase Open Edition 11" x 14" Matte Archival print for $25.00

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Phoenix Rising

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  1. Dana on May 18th, 2008 at 8:08 pm wrote:

    I just was looking for a likeness of Lao Tzu to print out and came across your image of him in blue. I clicked (I am in Yahoo images)…just needed to say that this is extremely impactful. You have captured mindless, joyus evil to perfection. I am not saying this in insult.

    I have read a lot of vampire novels, and they mention the thoughless bloodlust driven types
    that serve no master. I will now always picture this young (old?) lady when I see that aga
    in. Superb work!!!!!